Our first names


The first name in keeping order

Kieran Harvey is a Senior Client Manager in Corporate Services for First Names Group in Ireland.

Kieran brings a sense of purpose and process to his work, while always remaining friendly and approachable. He is confident in his technical knowledge and his ability to apply it appropriately. Remaining objective no matter how pressurised the situation is par for the course and he always rises to the challenge, delivering work to the highest professional standard.

There are a million ways to lose a day, but none to gain that day back.

Growing up, Kieran felt totally at home with numbers. This numerical affinity led him to earn a first class honours degree in commerce and a master’s in accounting from the National University of Ireland, Galway. He went on to develop his practical accounting skills by joining an international auditing company, where he commenced training to become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ireland.

Kieran’s ‘seize the day’ philosophy was what brought him to the business in August 2013. He recognised the Group’s ambition to create something special – a flexible environment that encourages entrepreneurial expression, underpinned by the principles of trust and integrity. His pleasant, straight-talking manner is suited to please clients and colleagues alike.


Early exposure to the strict routine of the family dairy farm instilled a sense of importance in getting the day’s work done with timely efficiency. This discipline is still very much in evidence today. Keen to explore the world beyond Ireland he spent six months exploring the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He’s also not averse to taking the occasional risk – he has bungee jumped and skydived, on the same day! His quieter pursuits include numerous sports, music, reading, politics and socialising.