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The first name in long-term loyalty

Maria Hadjivassiliou is a Compliance Director for First Names Group in Cyprus.

If Maria worked for Disney she would be described as '€˜pixie dust perfect'€™ with her effortless charm and sunny disposition. She gives time and attention to everyone she works with, her commitment to her clients never wavers, and she always strives to do the right thing - in the right way.

Maria's history with First Names Group goes back a long way. When she was just a teenager she joined the business as an intern, before heading off to London to secure a degree in Business Studies. She went on to become a Chartered Accountant, demonstrating an easy familiarity with numbers and financial concepts. Maria came back to the business full time in 2006.

The challenge is to balance stability with constant change.

Maintaining a high level of client confidentiality is of utmost importance to Maria. This duty of care was instilled in her from an early age. Her father, who she counts among her greatest influences, encouraged her to work hard, lead from the front and uphold family values. And that'€™s exactly what she does. Maria also has the confidence to speak her mind, defending a position with careful consideration and input from her colleagues.

Maria loves the what, where and why of her work -€“ but most of all she loves who she works with. Naturally inclusive, she values the fact that every individual brings something unique to the team.


Born in London, Maria lived in Greece and Saudi Arabia before settling in Cyprus. Her passion, energy and enthusiasm shines through in all that she does - from baking cupcakes with her daughters to charity craft work. Her interest in people starts with a close circle of family and friends and definitely extends to her professional life too.