Our first names


The first name in positive thinking

Maria Yiallouros is Senior Operations Manager for First Names Group in Cyprus. Maria is driven by logic and structure. She goes to great lengths to understand a situation, before applying her analytical mind to finding the best solution for it. Finding new and innovative ways to solve tricky problems is what she finds most rewarding about her job. Being courageous and tenacious is all part of the package – she never shies away from tough tasks and is always ready for action.

Destiny is not a matter of chance or something to wait for;
it is a matter of choice and something to achieve

Born in London, Maria moved to Cyprus with her family as a young child. She followed in the footsteps of her father’s profession, joining KPMG in 2005 as a trainee accountant. Maria qualified as a Certified Accountant with excellent results, staying on with the firm to gain further experience in senior roles. Ready to venture out into the commercial world, she joined First Names Group in 2011. Today she continues to work with numbers and financial matters but her job also entails dealing with people.

Always on the lookout for something new to learn, Maria believes in the adage that two minds are better than one – collecting knowledge from a broad range of people and sources. She especially benefits from Petros Petrides’ experience and admires that he always delivers more than is expected.


Maria takes things in her stride - and as a result of her easy-going nature she is most often found chilling out with her friends during her weekends. She appreciates a spot with a great view, a warm and friendly atmosphere and good company but she also enjoys the movies. Naturally athletic, she played soccer and really wants to go to Anfield to watch Liverpool play.