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The first name in friendly facilitation

Michael Cowin is an Senior Operations Manager for First Names Group in the Isle of Man. Change is a constant in the dynamic world of offshore finance and Michael plays a leading role in getting the best out of every situation. Problem solving is his forte - the more complex the situation, the more satisfying the solution. Since joining First Names in 2004 he has broadened his responsibilities to include the operational side of the business.

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.

A chance summer internship at a leading accountancy firm sparked an interest in numbers and a permanent position within their audit practice. It was not long however before he found his true niche in the corporate service provider industry where he has spent the last thirteen years. Michael is a Chartered Certified Accountant and also a Chartered Secretary.

Working with a fantastic cross section of people keeps Michael on top of his game. Respecting each person’s individuality whilst delivering a team effort is highly motivational. Michael is very excited about the Group’s future and looks forward to giving his positive attitude and energy free reign. Always ready to listen and to learn, he enjoys working with James Russell who makes time to apply his considerable industry knowledge to help with any issues.


Michael actively seeks out that which most people avoid – sharks! To date he has made eleven trips to Namibia specially to catch them and has been successful on hundreds of occasions. Each catch is photographed and released to terrorise tourists another day. Equally proficient on the football field he has represented the Isle of Man in international competition – today he has hung up his boots and hopes to be the first person to catch a shark in the waters closer to home.