Our first names


The first name in Consistent Commitment

Michel Maréchal joined the Swiss team as an Associate Director for First Names Group in 2011.

The human element of trust management is what attracted Michel to a career in the finance industry. Fifteen years later, it is still the diversity and unique backgrounds of his clients and colleagues that make Michel passionate about his work. In an ever-changing legal and financial environment, Michel knows that clients need the right balance of creativity and pragmatism. He offers both in his diligent approach to problem-solving.

If you want the best, you need to offer the best

With a background in Swiss Law, Michel brings a unique perspective and a global vision to the Group. Independently minded, he gained invaluable experience in a law firm, which specialised in trust and corporate matters, where he was required to deal with a whole host of different situations and problems. Michel saw the opportunity for such diverse work within the finance industry, and seized it in coming to First Names Group.

All those who work in the Geneva office are motivated in different ways and by different things. But, there is a common thread – an excellent team relationship. Michel believes in the varied approaches and skills, which his diverse team provides: the MD Serge Richard is an exceptional decision maker and Sylvie Rodriguez a great support.




Michel loves life and lives it with enthusiasm. Always interested in people and what makes them tick, he likes to read books on psychology and French literature. He wants above all to make his family happy - and to enjoy life as it comes. His ideal date would be on a tropical island somewhere with his wife. They would enjoy a good meal (seafood, of course), and perhaps the night would end with some music (funk or rock).