Our first names


The first name in practical thinking

Paul Rondel is a Senior Manager for First Names Group in Jersey. He always sets, expects and delivers a high standard of work. His attention to detail, including risk management and commercial practicalities, gives his clients and colleagues exceptional peace of mind. Known for his considered input and quick response, he can always be relied on to get things right first time.

Be the change you wish to see. What you see depends mainly on what you look for.

Having completed a BTEC Advanced Business Certificate, Paul signed up with a top accounting firm in Jersey where he gained a comprehensive understanding of financial records and reporting. Rounding out his education he spent four years at a legal firm. He joined the Group in 2008 bringing his methodical research capabilities and excellent communication skills to the table. Paul continues to develop his knowledge base and is now an Associate of ICSA: The Governance Institute. When dealing with his clients he always provides a strong technical knowledge on legal, accounting and taxation issues.

Perfectly aligned to the ethos of the Group, Paul works hard to satisfy his clients. This is why he finds his job very rewarding and he willingly rises to the challenge of keeping everyone happy. He works closely with Managing Director Ben Newman who is always a source of positivity.


Paul is blessed with youthful energy, which he expends on snowboarding, surfing or kayaking depending on the weather. He is level headed and believes that what will be will be, while viewing life through an optimistic lens.