Our first names


The first name in vigilance

Keeping a watchful eye over proceedings, Peter Clarke is Compliance Director for Jersey.

Since joining the Group in 2006, Pete has worked tirelessly to ensure its compliance with all relevant external regulations. Through establishing effective control systems, he makes sure every member of staff has the ability to do the right thing - in the right way.

If we'€™re going to do something, let's do it right.

Demonstrating the deep technical know-how that is so prevalent across the Group, Pete spent thirteen years in private client trust and corporate administration before focussing on compliance in 2000. A graduate with an Honours Degree in History and Education Studies from the University of Lancaster, Pete is also a Member of the International Compliance Association; his industry-specific qualifications include an ICA International Diploma in Compliance. He is gratified by the strong culture of compliance across First Names Group and works hard to educate the staff on potential pitfalls.

Pete knows the importance of taking time out to think. But if he had a superpower, it would be to stop time for a day so that he could tick off everything on his to-do list. He plays a key role in balancing growth with a tightly managed risk profile and is very excited about the future of First Names Group. Pete works closely with staff across all functional areas of the business and particularly likes working with Barbara Slicer, who has a knack for making the impossible, possible.


Despite being a dedicated follower of all things Rugby League, Pete tries his hand at managing a fantasy football team - with mixed results. His idea of the ultimate vacation would be taking a slow train across Italy with his family, stopping to sample his favourite foods along the way. In his travel bag would be a stack of books to read, as well as some paper to write stories of his own.