Our first names


The first name in balancing books

Ruth Sircely is a Senior Client Accountant for First Names Group in Switzerland.

Having worked in fiduciary services for more than twenty-five years, Ruth is one of the most experienced First Names. She looks after a wide range of clients, taking responsibility for their financial accounting, Swiss tax returns and payroll administration. Despite her depth of knowledge, she still learns something new every day and finds great satisfaction in getting to the bottom of complex problems. 

It's much faster to do something right, than explain why you did it wrong.

Ruth is a Swiss Certified Trustee and a member of the STS Schweizerischer Treuhänderverband. She has held administration and accounting positions in companies specialising in areas such as healthcare and technology. Ruth joined the Group in 2001 and her generous spirit and work ethic have had a significant impact on its growth and success. Getting the job done right first time has been the standard she sets herself – and she never accepts second best.

Having a sense of autonomy and independence is important to Ruth. She appreciates the culture of trust throughout First Names Group and knows what a strong foundation it is for the business. Ruth has the confidence to express herself freely, knowing that colleagues are always on hand to help or provide advice. She particularly values Tony Rinderer'€™s support and appreciates his approachable manner and technical input.


Work/life balance is important to Ruth. She does her best to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and good food, and a weekend walk in the mountains followed by a home-cooked meal provides the perfect antidote to a stressful week. (It helps that her husband is such a fantastic cook.)