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The first name in quick decisions

Tonia Leigh-Morgan is the Group Legal Counsel for First Names Group.

Working directly with relationship managers and external legal counsel, Tonia devotes her day to ensuring the Group’s clients’ legal ducks are in a neat row – or chasing them back into line when they wander. The various structure documents she drafts provide the foundation for a successful future and reflect her exceptional attention to detail. Always available for an opinion, Tonia can be relied on to give sound generic legal advice – fast!

You only get one shot at life, make it count.

Influenced by a cousin who became a barrister while she was still a teenager, Tonia was strongly attracted to the legal profession. An LLB (Honours) Law from the University of East Anglia was promptly followed by a further qualification in Norman law studies from the University of Caen, France. She is both a qualified English barrister (non-practising) and an advocate of the Guernsey Bar. Working in and out of court she had years of experience as a practising advocate before moving into fiduciary services.

With determination ingrained in her DNA Tonia does not like to be beaten. She enjoys finding a constructive route around obstacles, using a mixture of humour and creative intelligence. Constantly on the move she regards inertia a drag – preferring a firm and conclusive decision. Tonia gets on well with clients and colleagues alike, but especially likes working with Stuart Dowding who is personable and always takes the time to forge special relationships.


On weekends Tonia rises early to tackle her large garden – declaring an uneasy truce, she moves on to a family breakfast and activities such as children’s sports events. Happiest with a goal to aim for, she aspires to run a half marathon in under 2.5 hours. Organisation is everything so it’s not just at work that Tonia keeps the ducks in a row, she has three ducks at home too!