Our first names


The first name in curiosity

Yann Crozat is a Senior Client Accountant for First Names in Switzerland.

Yann is fascinated by how separate systems come together to form a whole. A keen student of culture, politics and financial markets – he seeks to understand interactions and how they in turn influence the environment around them. His open and easygoing nature encourages people to share with him, giving him the insight to excel. His flair for figures and attention to detail make him perfect for his broad role in offshore corporate finance and accounting.


Research is formalised curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose.

Having originally moved to Switzerland to study, Yann felt so at home he stayed on after qualifying from university. He holds both a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Masters in Banking and Finance. A stint in private equity was a unique opportunity to explore complex valuation techniques in the emerging biotech industry. Yann joined the First Names team in 2011 and is a member of the Swiss Private Equity and Corporate Finance Association.

Yann goes out of his way to make sure that he has good relationships with his clients and colleagues. Sharing an office with Ruth Sircely is his idea of fun – she is highly motivated with a fantastic attitude. He also enjoys working with Andrea Ehrbar who is open, honest and willingly shares her indispensable legal knowledge in trust administration with him.


Weekends are full of celebrations. Soon to be married, Yann enjoys spending time with his fiancée and friends, either cooking at home or eating out in a good restaurant. Happy to be active he hikes, walks his two dogs, plays sport and watches Bayern München.