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Solutions: Classic car collection management

With classic cars becoming an alternative asset investment class in their own right, the collection of these historic vehicles has become increasingly popular.

Traditionally, car collectors have been car enthusiasts by default. Modern collectors, on the other hand, are as likely to be investors as enthusiasts, although they can be both.

Regardless of the collector’s motivations, they should seek an independent, non-commissioned specialist when acquiring, maintaining and disposing of classic cars or when determining the most appropriate structure in which to hold these valuable assets.

Our expert team has the experience and knowledge to assist with all aspects of historic vehicle collection, including:


/  Negotiating the purchase of vehicles, in accordance with agreed strategy, either directly from other collectors or indirectly from brokers or auction houses

/  Working with advisers to ensure purchase contract terms are appropriate

/  Researching the history and provenance of cars in conjunction with appropriate experts to establish bona fides

/  Working with specialists to locate specific cars or types of cars

Storage / museum display

/  Responsibility for co-ordination of storage arrangements

/  Assisting with strategy to consolidate long-term storage facilities – for example, purpose built facility, residential home, warehouse – as required

/  Ensuring appropriate storage terms, particularly for insurance requirements

/  Assisting with strategy to establish a car museum / display facilities

/  Working with specialists to ensure that the museum facility is appropriate for purpose and objectives

Maintenance and upkeep

/  Overseeing servicing with appropriate specialists

/  Overseeing racing preparation with appropriate specialists

/  Liaison with insurance companies to ensure all vehicles have appropriate cover

/  Ensuring registrations are correct

/  Ensuring MOTs, where appropriate, are undertaken and up to date


/  Overseeing agreed restoration of cars, with appropriate marque specialists, once appropriate quotes have been obtained

Vehicle provenance / history collation

/  Researching vehicle histories with marque experts, clubs and factories, among others

/  Collating and maintaining the history file for the vehicles’ provenance and holding this in hard and soft copy

/  Overseeing special projects; for example, photography, books, calendars

Vehicle inventories

/  Upkeep of inventories for cars, parts and automobilia

/  Overseeing the cataloguing and storage of vehicle-related parts

/  Arranging valuations as necessary


/  Negotiating the sale of vehicles in accordance with agreed strategy

/  Working with advisers to ensure sale contract terms are appropriate

/  Working with specialists, including brokers, auction houses and other collectors, to ensure that the vehicle is marketed in the most suitable jurisdiction for the right audience by an appropriate agent

Vehicle display / value enhancement

/  Liaising with specialists for certification of vehicles where appropriate; for example, Ferraris

/  Attending agreed specialist events, such as the Tour Auto or Mille Miglia to ensure vehicles are campaigned at appropriate venues

/  Attending and overseeing vehicles at appropriate Concours events – Amelia Island, Villa D’Este, Salon Privé – to enhance value and profile

/  Attending agreed racing events to ensure the most appropriate vehicles are in place and appropriately displayed:  Goodwood, Monaco Historic, Le Mans Classic

/  Arranging national and international transportation

Estate management

Assisting families in the event of a collector’s demise so that:

/  Important and best-suited vehicles are retained by the family

/  Vehicles are properly valued through researching their history and presentation

/  Any vehicles are sold in a controlled and appropriate way (via a broker or auction house or directly to another collector) and in the most relevant jurisdiction.

Can we help?

If you are looking for support with classic car curation, or would like to find out more about the services we offer in this area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with James Haithwaite, Client Services Director, at or by calling his direct line +44 1534 714 570. You can also download our Classic Car Collection Management Overview and Services brochure.