Private client

Solutions: Executive compensation

Executive remuneration planning arrangements are mechanisms by which employers may reward, incentivise and retain staff.

Our experienced team establishes and administers a variety of employee remuneration planning arrangements such as executive compensation planning and employee benefit trusts. We also offer share ownership/option plans that include profit sharing plans and long-term incentive plans.

As part of these services our team:

      /      Provides trustee and administration services

      /      Arranges satisfying of awards

      /      Deals with all aspects of options

      /      Exercises share plan schemes

      /      Facilitates investments in employee benefit trusts

      /      Provides general administration services for executive compensation arrangements

      /      Offers plan-reporting services in accordance with the client's requirements

We work closely with our clients' advisers to implement the most suitable executive remuneration plan for their business.


We provide trustee services to share plans that have been established by FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies.

The share plans under our trusteeship include a wide variety of plans such as:

      /      Performance share plans

      /      Bonus/free share plans

      /      Long term incentive plans

      /      Profit sharing plans

We also administer the award process.

Many of the plans have a large number of participants across the globe and we work in close conjunction with several brokerage and custody service providers in various jurisdictions.


We provide trustee and administration services to EBTs, many of which have a large number of participants and have been established for the purpose of long term retirement planning. Each EBT has a number of individual employee funds and holds investments with different managers in accordance with the participants employment compensation requirements.

We adopt a flexible approach to the way beneficiaries may wish to invest and will work with them to identify the best solution. We also liaise with third party investment managers to ensure the best outcome is achieved for our clients.


We work with providers that have clients looking for the best way to structure their employment compensation offering. Our clients include senior consultants of large audit and accounting firms. We provide a full suite of services to them and work with their advisers to help them to structure their employment arrangements in the most suitable and effective manner.